The beautiful baroque churches, the characteristic hilly setting, the alleys, the stairs, the characteristic foreshortenings, the white nougat, the onion and the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata, protagonist of many successful films


Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata

Giarratana, the village on the slopes of Monte Lauro, home of the actress Loredana Cannata

Located on the slopes of Monte Lauro, the highest peak of the Iblei Mountains, the village of Giarratana is the smallest municipality of Ragusa.

Surrounded by a ring of hills that mitigate the climate is lapped by the river Irminio.

The village, which looks at noon, is about twenty kilometers from Ragusa, and has in the seventeenth-century churches the highest expression of its rich architectural heritage.


From the Mother Church, with inside it the precious Annunziata altarpiece of 1790, the altarpiece of the "purgative souls", the wooden statue of Saint Bartholomew, from ancient Giarratana, and the statue of Saint Joseph, to the Basilica of Saint Anthony , from the high facade in baroque style, from inside to three naves decorated with gilded stuccos with pure gold leaf, to the church of San Bartolomeo, from the imposing façade in late Baroque style and from inside to three naves, separated by columns Doric.


Beautiful views from the bell towers of the churches that dominate the town, worthy of a careful visit to appreciate the picturesque views, the stairs, the alleys and the views, with, in the background, the frame of hills.

The beautiful churches of Giarratana unites other interesting historical testimonies including the ruins of the eighteenth-century castle of the seventh. To see, in Palazzo Barone, the two museums of the village, the Ethno-anthropological and the Iblea Emigration, unique in the region, an interactive journey through the emigration of the island through music, photographs, newspapers, cinematography, characteristic objects and literature.

Giarratana, la Sciuta in onore di San Bartolomeo

The gastronomic specialties of this center of the Sicilian hinterland can also be appreciated. The typical onion of Giarratana, to taste in the various traditional recipes, in bittersweet or roasted with extra virgin olive oil, and the delicious white nougat, prepared with honey and almonds, a delicacy.

History, art, culture, landscapes and gastronomy make up the mosaic of this beautiful country of southern Sicily, which is also the home of the beautiful actress Loredana Cannata.

Loredana Cannata sul red carpet dei Golden Globe Awards

A talented and versatile artist, after studying drama and being a theatrical interpreter of some performances taken from the works of Euripide, Schnitzler and Pirandello, in 1999 she made her debut in the cinema where she gained the lead role in the film "The wolf woman" by Aurelio Grimaldi.

Cinema that sees her then engaged, among others, in "Maestrale" by Sandro Cecca, "Senso '45" by Tinto Brass, "Un Mondo d'amore" by Aurelio Grimaldi, "Magnifica presente" by Ferzan Ozpetek, "Youth - La giovinezza "by Paolo Sorrentino and" Napoli veiled "by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Loredana Cannata con Paolo Sorrentino

Theater, cinema but also a lot of television in the career of the Ragusan actress.

"The voice of the blood" by Alessandro Di Robilant, "La casa delle beffe" by Pier Francesco Pingitore, "The beauty of women 2 and 3", then "La squadra 3", "A case of conscience" by Luigi Perelli, "Finally at home" by Gianfranco Lazotti, "Viso d'angelo" by Eros Puglielli, "This is my country" by Michele Soavi and "Romanzo Siciliano" by Lucio Pellegrini are only part of the long series of TV movies and television series with which Loredana Cannata takes part.

Actress appreciated and successful but also convinced animal activist and activist on various fronts.

Loredana Cannata nel Chiapas (Mexico)

The Cannata is in fact also president of the association "Sesto Sole", through which it carries out health projects at the indigenous zapatista communities of Chiapas, one of the thirty-two states of Mexico. In 2003 she was the author and director of the documentary "Insurgentes", dedicated to the zapatista resistance and, in 2006, producer and interpreter of "The dawn of the sixth sun", another documentary about the zapatista struggle.

In the main photo, Loredana in the family shop in Giarratana
Photos of Loredana Cannata fro her facebook page

Events in Giarratana

  • San Bartolomeo Apostolo
    24-08-2019 | Giarratana (RG)
    Patronal parties

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    Village of Giarratana

  • St. Bartholomew's Day
    From 16-08-2019 To 24-08-2019 | Giarratana (RG)

    Add to calendar 2019-08-16 2019-08-24 Europe/Rome St. Bartholomew's Day Giarratana

    Village of Giarratana

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