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The mysterious galleries and the treasures of the village of Certaldo

Sunday 03 december 2017

A series of tunnels under the medieval village, a possible inestimable treasure and a hill that could be a pyramid

The mysterious galleries and the treasures of the village of Certaldo

A legend handed down by the elderly of the Tuscan village of Certaldo tells that in the subsoil of Certaldo Alto, one of the two nuclei that make up the village, there are a series of tunnels and galleries that would cover the entire perimeter of the village and arrive up to a mysterious hill nearby called the "Poggio del Boccaccio".

These tunnels, which seem to have been dug by hand, would date back to the year 1000 but we do not know for what purpose or by whom. Within these galleries, legend says, there would be many objects both of common use and of inestimable value. It is said that they also have some personal items belonging to the poet Boccaccio.

The entrances of these galleries should be varied and disseminated along the territory of the village. There are those who say that can be accessed from some wells in some private homes, who claims that can be entered through hidden hatches in the basements and who claims that there is a secret access from the Palazzo Pretorio.

Some seniors say they entered one of these galleries in their youth but had to leave after a few meters because of the lack of air due to secular closure.

The legend goes on saying that the galleries would lead up to the "Poggio del Boccaccio", a particular hill near the village with a perfectly pyramidal shape. In fact, looking at the hill you immediately notice the strange shape, almost unnatural and geometric. The hill rises from each side with the same inclination, rests on a flat base and even the top is perfectly flat. It would seem that underneath there is an ancient pyramid which was then covered and hidden by nature.

It seems that the mysterious subsoil of the village is full of ancient and priceless treasures.

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