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The village of Castel Gandolfo grants honorary citizenship to Elettra Marconi

Thursday 23 november 2017

The daughter of Guglielmo Marconi, known inventor of the wireless telegraph, greets with enthusiasm the news of the city council of the city of the popes

The village of Castel Gandolfo grants honorary citizenship to Elettra Marconi

Right from Castel Gandolfo, 85 years ago, Guglielmo Marconi made the first short-wave radiotelephone connection between the center of the Roman Castles and the Vatican. Marconi has long frequented the village near rome. Here he directed and built the Vatican Radio system according to Pio XI's request, and began studying the radar.

The Mayor of Castel Gandolfo, Milvia Monachesi, approved yesterday the initiative to give Elettra Marconi the status of a honorary citizen, status honored with great enthusiasm by the daughter of the well-known scientist:

"I am very happy for the honored citizenship that Castel Gandoldo has given me, is a city in which I have many memories, even with my father"

Guglielmo Marconi e Papa Pio XI

Elettra Marconi has always been engaged in the dissemination of his father's works by also knowing the village in the world contributing to the affirmation of the human, cultural and religious values ​​of Castel Gandolfo.

"My father made radio transmissions with Pope Pius XI right from Castel Gandolfo, I remember very well every moment," says to Il Caffè, Elettra Marconi, 87.

Born in 1930 from his father's second marriage with Marchesa Maria Cristina Bezzi Scali, Elettra Marconi remembers with great respect the period of his disappearance:

"I remember happiness on our Yacht called Elettra like me, my father was very affectionate. In those days we were about to embark and start a sea cruise. I was very pleased to have my father finally got everything for me. I witnessed the latest invention at Tor Chiaruccia, near the sea where I was born in Santa Marinella. He was very active until the last day, had his ideas to develop, the radar, the parabolic antenna. When she disappeared, my mother was almost dying of pain and I felt a sense of void all my life. "

Elettra Marconi

A sense of void filled with the works and inventions of a man known and appreciated all over the globe:

"It is right to remember him, was altruistic, generous, he just wanted to save lives and work to improve people's lives. In fact, I have attended more commemorative ceremonies abroad than in Italy. "

An acknowledgment thus indirectly conferred to Guglielmo Marconi himself, nobel prize for physics and precursor of wireless communication.

In the coming weeks the municipality will hold a public ceremony for the award of honorary citizenship.

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