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From Sicily to Piedmont by foot, in the company of a mule

Thursday 16 november 2017

It is called "Don't be a donkey" the project by Nicola Winkler who sees him protagonist of a long and fascinating adventure

From Sicily to Piedmont by foot, in the company of a mule

It would be 2 hours flight from Punta Raisi to arrive in Caselle, Piedmont, but Nicola Winkler preferred an alternative route, a route that will took him 7 months!

In the company of Fela, known as Fefe, a mule, Nicola left Palermo last July, and through suburbs and little known routes (sometimes suggested by the same mule), he recently left Altopascio village and the area of the lucchese to resume his journey home.

From Siclily to Tuscany, until now, through Basilicata, Campania, Molise, Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche. A trip to the discovery of a forgotten Italy, between rural realities, forgotten landscapes and paths that have made history in our country.

""Don't be a donkey" it is an invitation not to act subtly and resigned, as if they had the blinkers."

These are the words written by Nicola on his blog to begin describing the title of his project that will make of this adventure a movie that the traveler is filming along the way to Turin. A video-diary made of places, landscapes, testimonies, surprises, unexpected and resilience. A story without script that is written step by step, through paths, mountains, valleys, misadventures, and definitely several sacrifices but lots of satisfaction.

Nicola interview for l'Eco di Basilicata

Nicola Winkler, 20 years old, is a DAMS student at the University of Cinema and Theater in Turin. After a long experience in theater, he decided to get involved with his first feature film, the story of his journey.

"My little daily action will be walking every day to move: from Sicily I will move to Turin, not to be in Turin; it will not depend on anything but my donkey and me, and prove that it can be done 'Otherwise it has always been done."

A strong statement to our day, perhaps to be crazy, but perhaps not so crazy. Perhaps an act of courage, a demonstration of the desire for a return to nature, a lifestyle forgotten in an era as our increasingly technological.

But thanks to technology Nicola is spreading his footsteps and adventures through his blog and the app Viewranger, with which viewers can follow his days in real time.

"Our problem is that we take for granted our beauties, but those who come from outside can appreciate and value"

With this phrase Nicola communicates part of the meaning of his slow travel, in the name of sustainability, environmental respect, but also the beauties of this spectacular country.
We therefore wish Nicola a good return to Turin and to fascinate us still along the steps of the journey that he must still undertake before the Piedmontese capital.

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