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Nordic walking, what a passion! All the secrets of the sporty practice of the great walkers

Monday 23 october 2017

More and more often we hear about nordic walking: a practice that combines the relaxing and regenerating act of walking with the continuous and low intensity training of the upper limbs and hips.

Nordic walking, what a passion! All the secrets of the sporty practice of the great walkers

Is it possible to practice sports in the villages? Absolutely yes, and Nordic Walking shows it. The famous sports practice was born in northern Europe, and it is also winning our country at great speed. It is not uncommon to meet enthusiastic Nordic walkers in the narrow streets of our villages, determined to face every bend, downhill and climb.

We know this practice closely, within reach of everyone, and yet to find out:


Nordic Walking is nothing more than a natural walk to which the functional use of two sticks is added to bring a whole host of benefits. Through the use of the sticks a push is made to involve as many muscles as possible, increasing energy expenditure and favoring a cardio-circulatory benefit.

Certainly, the technique employed plays a central role, as in the case of the alternating step, for example: the alternation of arm and leg movements opposed, if done correctly, becomes one with the mind bringing tremendous physical and mental benefits.


1930 The practice of Nordic Walking was born as a preparatory form for cross-country skiing, practiced by Scandinavian sportsmen in the spring and summer season.

1980 Nordic Walking is buried by former American runner Tom Rutlin, who, after an accident, feels the need to create lightweight articulation and not muscle-building. Tom called his ExerStriding method (Long Step Exercise)

2007, The first book on Nordic Walking - walking with sticks written and written by Italy's Pino Dellasega - Valentino Trentini publisher in Trento was published and published in Italy.


  • Improve the tone of mood because our free body of substances, endorphins and serotonin, able to counteract anxiety and depression
  • Harmonizes the heartbeat that, as we know, in times of stress tends to accelerate, causing anxiety and fear
  • With physical improvements in the body, mind tends to get rid of problems, making them less cramped and, at the same time, tends to see the worries of everyday worries so that you can face them serenely
  • It adjusts the breath
  • Download accumulated muscle tension without the risk of tearing or stretching
  • It allows 20-30% higher energy consumption than walking without sticks
  • You get an involvement of about 90% of our muscles (over 600 muscles)
  • Maintains four of the five major forms of motor stress: Exercise, Strength, Mobility, Coordination
  • Dissolves contractions in the shoulder area and neck (cervical area)
  • Delays the aging process
  • Stimulate the elimination of stress hormones


The clothing should be the one traditionally used for a long walk. Walking or trekking shoes, depending on the route, comfortable and practical trousers, breathable t-shirts. It is indispensable to choose the right choice of gloves and rackets, which must be taken into account in the ratio between the rod, the handle and the tip.


As mentioned above, Nordic Walking can be practiced everywhere: on mountain trails, in the city, and of course in the villages!


Nordic Walking is a sporting practice suitable for everyone: from children to the elderly. The difference in fact makes the type of path chosen and the pace you want to sustain: it will be enough to calibrate your own abilities and your goals in terms of health and fitness to achieve.

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