Wyatt Rockefeller, descendant of the american bankers family and Julie Fabrizio, Italian origin, have chosen Asolo, Italy, to celebrate their wedding


Big day in Asolo for Wyatt Rockefeller e Julie Fabrizio
Sat, 16 Sep 2017

Big day in Asolo for Wyatt Rockefeller e Julie Fabrizio

Who has never dreamed of pronouncing “ I do" in the perfect location?
For Wyatt Rockefeller, the son of the wealthy, american bankers family, and his girlfriend Julie Fabrizio, english of italian origin, the dream day will be celebrated soon  in a fabulous Italian village: Asolo, near Treviso.

Four days of party - from September 21st to September 24th - celebrated in great style, which will be attended by 120 guests, as reported by the "Treviso magazine".

The long-awaited ceremony will be held at the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral on 21 September, followed by a lunch party in the garden of Palazzo Pretorio, the Asolo castle . After that, there will be many events all over the village. This event is going to give Asolo more of a luxurious image, as it deserves for being one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Italian villages are still known as places of the heart, tradition and universal tenderness: a sweet shelter from the frenzy and hardness of every big cities that can not be forgotten!

By Redazione

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