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Prepotischis, the tiny village inhabited by only four people

Wednesday 07 june 2017

This tiny village is populated by only four people and all single men

Prepotischis, the tiny village inhabited by only four people

Our country, you know, is full of beauty and new places to discover and this is precisely the case of Prepotischis, a very small town of the municipality of Prepotto in the province of Udine. This small town is right on the border between Italy and Slovenia: in fact, to get there, you can take the road to the Valley of Judrio.

Why are we talking about it, you might be wondering?
Its peculiarity is the fact that it is inhabited by only 4 people and all single men. It could therefore be considered the village of the bachelors, since none of them is married or has a companion.

Marcello Velliscig

Until 40 years ago the same town was inhabited by more than forty people, so these men are the last "survivors" of what was formerly a true community. To tell the story of this village is Marcello Velliscig, 60, who has been working and living there forever. There are also the two brothers Giorgio and Antonio, and the fourth inhabitant Sergio. They all work the land and live by their fruits, but they also raise animals. In particular Marcello breeds pigs, hens and, is also a hunter. Marcello was born and raised in this land, and his love for this goes beyond all the hardships and problems. In addition, the village is immersed in the roses that his mother, Rosa, had planted.

borgo di Prepotischis

Many people over the centuries have gone from this place as the whole area was taxed, even those who owned an old and non-habitable house had to pay. And so slowly the taverns began to close, failing to cope with the high costs; Moreover, road conditions are not the best and there is not even a telephone network. As a result, in a world that continues to evolve above all technologically, these realities are likely to disappear and it would be a pity.

But Marcello does not lose heart: his job starts at 5 am and ends when the sun goes down and all this has allowed these four men to put their homes in place. Their willpower and love for their land will lead this village as long as they can.

Marcello a Prepotischis

And if some lady wants to help them, they certainly will not hold back.
So dear women, if you are fed up with the hectic life of the city and want to spend your life surrounded by greenery, nature and evocative rosettes, go ahead and visit Prepotischis!

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