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Franco Morando: Innovation in the Morando family wine sector

Wednesday 22 may 2024

Montalbera, between tradition and innovation in the heart of Monferrato. High-quality wines and luxury wine tourism, led by the Morando family for six generations

Franco Morando: Innovation in the Morando family wine sector

In the picturesque landscape of Monferrato, the Montalbera winery stands out as an example of innovation and winemaking tradition. Led by Franco Morando, the winery not only perpetuates the legacy of Enrico Riccardo Morando, but also introduces sustainable practices that renew wine culture.

Franco Morando's impact on Piedmontese viticulture is profound, embodying the synthesis of innovation and tradition. The Montalbera winery, led by the Morando family for six generations, is a bastion of quality and sustainability, located in the heart of Monferrato, with extensive production in the Langhe.

Montalbera's success story

Founded on a vision of foresight and sustainability, Montalbera covers 115 hectares, dominated by the vines of Ruchè, a native grape valued by Enrico Riccardo Morando in the 1980s.

Today, Franco Morando, grandson of the founder, continues to develop the winery with a keen eye on biodiversity and sustainability. Collaboration with oenologist Nino Falcone has led to international recognition, highlighting the balance between innovation and respect for tradition.

Franco Morando, has continued his grandfather's work by expanding the viticultural offerings and promoting luxury wine tourism. By creating suites and offering immersive experiences in the territory, Montalbera ranks among the leaders in luxury wine tourism.

Production philosophy and innovation

Under the guidance of Franco Morando, the winery adopts sustainable production techniques, with low use of chemical intervention and manual harvesting of grapes. These practices are complemented by innovative techniques such as drying on the vine and aging in French oak barrels, which enhance Monferrato's unique terroir.

The Ruchè family

Ruchè, is nowadays celebrated in Montalbera's award-winning wines, such as "LACCENTO" and "IL FONDATORE." These wines exemplify Montalbera's dedication to winemaking excellence and innovation.

In addition to Ruchè, Montalbera produces a variety of red and white wines, including the labels "Calypsos" with Viognier and Timorasso, and "La Famiglia del Nebbiolo," with Monferrato doc Nebbiolo Superiore "IL DON," Barolo del Comune di Serralunga d'Alba Docg "LEVOLUZIONE," and Barbaresco docg "LINTUITO," which showcase the depth and complexity of Piedmont's soils.

Thanks to active conservation strategies, the Morando family has played a crucial role in saving varieties such as Ruchè from extinction, promoting their cultivation and valorization on an international scale.

Montalbera extends beyond wine, embracing the production of craft beers, grappa and liqueurs from the fruits of its soil, promoting a circular economy approach and a deep respect for the land.

Expansion into Luxury Wine Tourism

Franco Morando's introduction of luxury wine tourism has led to the creation of a unique experience for visitors, combining high quality wines with prestigious hospitality, thus offering a sustainable tourism model that enhances the region's cultural and natural heritage.

The Montalbera Incoming project, initiated by Franco Morando, transforms the winery into a luxury retreat. The Luxury Wine Suites offer guests total immersion in the wine culture, with activities ranging from guided tastings to vineyard tours, wine biking, wine trekking, yoga in the barrique cellar, muscular awakening at dawn on the panoramic terrace, and art-house film screenings among the vineyards.

Social and cultural impact

Franco Morando's approach to wine tourism has not only raised the winery's international profile, but also stimulated the local economy, promoting Monferrato as a destination of excellence in the global wine scene.

Franco's vision has profoundly influenced the wine industry, positioning Montalbera at the forefront of high quality wine production and luxury wine tourism.

Through a balance of respect for tradition and openness to innovation, Montalbera continues to be a symbol of excellence and sustainability in the heart of Piedmont, reflecting Franco Morando's ongoing commitment to preserving and enhancing the winemaking heritage of his land.

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