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5 virtual tours to visit 5 monuments in the villages while staying at home

Tuesday 24 november 2020

Virtual tours, 360 photographs and google street view take us inside (but also outside) some wonders so that we can enjoy them ... even while on the couch

5 virtual tours to visit 5 monuments in the villages while staying at home

On days like these, when the watchword is "stay at home", it is logical to dream of starting to travel again, perhaps visiting some unseen monument, or exploring Roman ruins, a historic church or a famous castle. Thanks to today's technology, and to what is lately called "virtual tourism", all this is possible. If you are an attentive visitor to our portal, you will surely have noticed that on every page of the villages there is the "Tour" button (after Photo / Video) which thanks to Google Street View allows us to walk through the alleys and streets of our villages, but where the Google machine does not arrive, how do you do it? For example, what if we wanted to enter a museum, or visit a park, or a church? Well, technology has come to help here as well. Although the museums and monuments of large cities already offer this type of virtual tourism, for the monuments in the villages it is still the future but not for everyone. We have in fact started a search for those points of interest that offer virtual tours, 360-degree photos and even unlikely tours in the past, giving us a highly immersive and safe suggestion experience. So let's start this short, and initial, roundup of wonderful places ... but first of all, let's get comfortable.

Around the Vittoriale degli Italiani (Gardone Riviera)

The famous complex in Gardone Riviera erected by Gabriele d'Annunzio between 1921 and 1938 with its gardens and buildings, squares, streets and open-air theater, has always fascinated. This virtual tour, starting from the entrance door, allows us to wander around the external areas of this timeless place.
Credits Google Map - Discover the Vittoriale

Observing the Roman Theater of Volterra (Volterra)

A place of high historical interest, this Roman theater, dated to the end of the 1st century BC. and 13 d. C. had to accommodate 3500 spectators. Today we visit it in this virtual tour thanks to, who wanted to combine a virtual tour with a cultural tour. Just click on the icons and find out what lies around these ancient ruins.
Credits - Discover the Theater

Admiring the interiors of the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi(Assisi)

Commissioned by Pope Gregory IX, the Basilica from 1230 preserves the mortal remains of St. Francis. A destination not to be missed if you are visiting Umbria but if you are still comfortably on your sofa, these 9 360-degree photos will allow you to admire the beauties inside this spectacular monument in full-immersion. Be sure to look up.

On the walls and inside the Castle of San Leo (San Leo)

A highly disputed fort in the Middle Ages, today it looks like a ship to the visitor who comes from the mountain, while it is imposing, very high and smooth to what comes from the Romagna plain. These two short virtual tours show us the wonderful view from the walls and the phantom cell of the Count of Cagliostro. Short but intense.
Credits Google Map - Discover the castle - Discover the legend

Inside the Agliè Castle (Agliè)

Also known as the location of the fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa, the beautiful Ducal Castle of Agliè and its gardens offer a journey through the splendor of the golden age of the Savoy and these five 360-degree photos highlight their splendor. This tour is offered by and to immerse yourself in the wonders of the castle halls you must click on the description and accept the cookies. 
Credits - Discover the castle

...and finally, walking on the Floating Piers (Monte Isola)

Not exactly a monument but an installation that thanks to the great artist Christo allowed tourists, in the summer of 2016, to literally walk on the waters of Lake Iseo, connecting Sulzano, Monte Isola and the Island of San Paolo. Made with about 220,000 cubes of high-density polyethylene and covered by 100,000 square meters of bright yellow fabric, these piers offered a unique opportunity to walk on the edge of the lake but if you missed that opportunity, don't despair because you can do it, virtually, with the last tour that we offer today.
Credits Google Map

We hope that this first round of virtual tours has been to your liking and we would like to remind you that you can "walk" virtually through the streets of most of the villages on our portal from the "Tour" button, try it!
... good virtual tourism!

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