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Rosazza, Pentedattilo and Craco: a tour in the name of mystery

Tuesday 08 september 2020

Discovering three villages that fascinate not only for their appearance but also for their mysteries and legends.

Rosazza, Pentedattilo and Craco: a tour in the name of mystery

In its territory Italy can boast not only tourist destinations of incredible historical, artistic and cultural charm, but also places that can excite for their mysterious past and legends that are lost in time.

The Masonic and esoteric mysteries of Rosazza in Piedmont
In the province of Biella, in Piedmont, there is the small village of Rosazza which has only 90 inhabitants, but is often defined as the most mysterious town in Italy. Important international magazines have been interested in this territory for some events of esoteric nature that happened some centuries ago and can be traced back to Freemasonry.
All this is possible to guess from the urbanistic conformation of this small village and in particular because of the presence of the Castle where it is possible to admire a Guelph tower that was built for want of Federico Rosazza, member of the Senate of the Kingdom of Italy and above all of the Young Italy association of Giuseppe Mazzini. According to some reconstructions accompanied by historical documents, the Senator was a reference point of Freemasonry (Venerable Grand Master) in the province of Biella and it is for this reason that inside this building it is said that many meetings were held.

Photo by Alessandro Vecchi

In addition, there is various evidence from which it is possible to discover that the entire Castle was designed to recall the ancient temples of Paestum with clear references to esoteric practices, as well as the Loggia. Senator Rosazza himself decided to have other structures built on the territory that also referred to practices of occultism. In short, a place of great charm in which probably many secret meetings were held that have considerably influenced the historical events that took place in Italy from the middle of the 19th century until today.
A little bit in the whole Municipality of Rosazza you can appreciate elements and symbols that refer to Freemasonry and occultism and that could have a well defined meaning that only few elected people can interpret in an adequate way. In short, the town of Rosazza is undoubtedly a must for lovers of mysteries and especially of esotericism and Freemasonry.

Photo by Twice25

The ghosts of Pentedattilo in Calabria
In Calabria, and to be precise in the province of Reggio Calabria, there is Pentedattilo, a small village in the municipality of Melito di Porto Salvo. A very small community whose fame is mainly linked to the fascinating legend of the devil's hand. Its very name refers to this legend because from Greek it literally means Penta Daktilos. A small hamlet built on a rocky stretch that has a shape reminiscent of the five fingers of a hand.


The halo of mystery that wraps Pentedattilo, is tied above all to a legend that concerns a situation happened in the night of April 16, 1686. In that period lived in the small community the family of the Alberti that often was opposite to that of the Abenavoli. For a long time the two families clashed for questions related to the boundaries of their possessions.
In that period, the two families had finally found a way to settle their differences and in particular through a marriage between two exponents: Baron Bernardino and Antonietta. Unfortunately the marriage jumped because of what Don Petrillo Cortes did, son of the Viceroy of Naples, who fell madly in love with Antonietta herself. Bernardino went into a rage and decided to take revenge against the opposing family on the night of April 16, 1686, having most of the exponents slaughtered, including a child of only 9 years old.
The only ones to survive were Don Petrillo and Antonietta, who were made prisoners in such a way to discourage a possible reprisal of the viceroy of Naples. Legend has it that from that dramatic night, as every year in the village, you can see some strange shadows that remind mothers who try to put their children in safety while they are being chased by men with knives in their hands who are evidently trying to kill them. In short, it seems that in the small town of Pentedattilo there are ghosts that materialize every year on April 16th.

Craco: the ghost town that conquered the cinema
Near Matera every year many tourists from all over the world gather to visit the town of Craco, famous as a ghost town. A territory that was abandoned in 1963 by its inhabitants because of a disastrous landslide that destroyed practically all the houses. A ghost town that arouses great interest, also due to the fact that, in 2004, the famous actor-director Mel Gibson chose it as the film set for the famous film The Passion in which the last week of Jesus is told.


However, Craco has always fascinated artists and above all filmmakers for his incredible glimpses and the halo of mystery that surrounds him. In fact, in 1979 some of the scenes from the famous film Christ Stopped at Eboli, starring Gian Maria Volontè, were shot. The glimpse of the small abandoned village can be appreciated in the first scenes of the film or you can let yourself be fascinated by an ancient Norman Tower that dominates practically the whole valley. By virtue of the large influx of visitors fascinated by the incredible history and structural charm of Craco, an emotional museum has been created that knows how to impress and that must be taken into consideration.

Cristo si è fermato a Eboli

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