Music and places - Music and Italian traditions - Stories from the Italian villages that gave birth to great Italian musical artists


Music and places
Music and Italian traditions

Native lands of the great Italian music, regions and landscapes that have inspired superb compositions, in short ... The rhapsody of Italian villages.

Correggio (Emilia Romagna), birthplace of the artist Luciano Ligabue
Interesting center of the Emilian plain, ancient Lombard village, land of good food and one of the most successful Italian songwriters.
18/10/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Galatina, the Salento village that tastes of music linked to the singers Alessandra Amoroso, Dolcenera and Emma Marrone.
The splendid architecture of the historic center, the three gateways, the churches, the palaces, the paved streets, the ancient Byzantine and Norman influences. Then the music and the successes of the singers linked to the village of Salento.
31/03/2018 | By Luca Sartori
Sibillini Live. Music, theater and art for a fresh new start
"Sibillini Live" in its second edition. Music, art and theater to cope with the many difficulties created by the earthquake.
18/10/2017 | By Redazione
Collodi, a day in Pinocchio Monumental Park
In Collodi, the village of Pinocchio, there is a park entirely dedicated to the most beautiful fairy tale. The Pinocchio Monumental Park is unique and surely deserves a visit, especially if you’re going there with your family and with kids.
18/10/2017 | By Redazione
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