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4 villages not to be missed for designer craftsmanship
Four Italian villages that stand out for their craftsmanship, the essence of an ancient art handed down over the centuries. A journey into typicality, emotional itineraries that point the spotlight on uniqueness
Four steps ... in 4 fortified villages
Poker of aces of fortified villages to go to the discovery of history and curiosities. Legends intertwined with art and architecture, medieval or renaissance epics that reveal to the visitor all the uniqueness of these Italian jewels
Recipe: Strangozzi with black truffle, excellence of Norcia
A homemade pasta, typical of the Umbrian villages and with the emblazoned black truffle: one of the flagships of the tasty gastronomy of Norcia, in the heart of Valnerina
Recipe: Génépy, the strong and decisive liqueur and the Valdostan villages
Artemisia weber and artemisia glacialis. They are the high altitude mountain plants that, together, give origin to the Génépy: a liqueur with an alpine flavor, a delicacy to know and to prepare
Recipe: Jota, the tasty minestrone of the Friulian villages
A tasty soup of vegetables and legumes, a traditional dish of the Friulian villages to be appreciated in all seasons: hot and steaming in winter, cold and tasty in summer. According to the endless variations, even with pork ribs
Recipe: Mirto, sips of well-being from the villages of Sardinia
Myrtle is considered a plant that brings well-being and prosperity. And the inebriating liqueur that comes from it, is a true elixir of Sardinia, with a variable color depending on the aging phase and with a velvety taste
Recipe: The Sarchiapone di Atrani, the triumph of flavor on the Amalfi Coast
In this specialty is contained all the gastronomic goodness of Atrani, a jewel-village of the Amalfi Coast. Sarchiapone seems to be the ancestor of cannelloni, and is prepared with traditional elongated green pumpkins
Comacchio: the village, the eels and the lagoon
Comacchio: magic of the waters in the Po Delta, to be traveled by boat to savor the slow pace and then dedicate itself to the star of the village: the eel. With a dedicated museum and 48 recipes that see it as a protagonist
Recipe: La Michetta of the village of Dolceacqua, between love and legend
The Michetta di Dolceacqua is typical of the Ligurian village and, compared to the homonymous type of bread, seems to be linked to a love story. A simple and tasty delicacy, to go back in time and taste the present
Recipe: The Donut from the village of Veroli. New Year all to taste
Renowned throughout the Ciociaria, the donut of Veroli has an unmistakable aniseed aroma and its shape is reminiscent of a crown. To celebrate the beginning of the new year of serenity and prosperity
Recipe: Pastorelle from the village of Cuccaro Vetere, the taste of Christmas in the Cilento
Fagottini sweet and stuffed, typical of the Christmas tradition of Cilento, precisely of the village of Cuccaro Vetere. The triumph of chestnuts and local confectionery skills, handed down over time for the most important family holiday
Recipe: the Susumelli, the Christmas biscuits of the village Sant’Agata di Puglia
These are the Christmas delicacies of the village of Sant’Agata di Puglia, in the province of Foggia, when Advent is born and Christmas is awaited with trepidation. Biscuits with ancient flavors, Susumelli bring to the table all the emotion of the present
4 seaside villages to visit in winter
The intimist suggestion of 4 seaside villages in winter, when they reveal their soul without the frills of the summer chatter. While the waves break on the shore, poetry reigns among the alleys of the villages, rich in seduction and history
Recipe: The Christmas legend of the mostaccioli in the villages of Molise
In the shape of a diamond, covered with chocolate icing and with a tender heart of quince. They are the mostaccioli, who cheer up the villages of the region on Christmas holidays with the curious legend that hovers around their name
5 magical Apulian villages in winter
5 Apulian villages to discover in winter, treasures of traditions, art and folklore. The most authentic and suggestive Puglia, for emotions that last over time.
Recipe: Spongata, the Christmas cake from the hamlets of Parma
It is the traditional dessert of the province of Parma and every village in the area boasts its recipe. A delicacy with ancient origins that transmits, besides the flavor, all the atmosphere of the Christmas tradition
5 villages for skiing and having fun in the snow
Mountain villages and ski slopes: an unmissable combination in winter. Art and history but also white carousels for skiing and for fun with snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snow parks, snow-boarding and snow trekking
Recipe: Panpepato, the Christmas dessert of the Terni villages
Christmas is approaching and in the villages of the province of Terni it is time for Panpepato: the most important sweet of the Umbrian territory, filled with delicacies and with the decided character of black pepper. A concentrate of energy and also of magic
Recipe: the Caponec, a journey of taste among the villages of Val di Ledro
Very good when hot, when they give off the scent of their stuffing and refer to the times when they were cooked on wood stoves. A tasty preparation, a typical gastronomic trentine valley, nestled between the mountains and the lake
5 unmissable villages for their Christmas Markets 2018
The evocative atmosphere of the villages animated by the Christmas markets during Advent 2018: stalls with decorations for the tree and the crib, typical crafts, food and wine specialties and gifts for the whole family
10 things to do in 10 Italian villages, great classics and unexpected surprises
Ten things to do and see in ten villages: a trip along the Peninsula to live as protagonists the most precious and authentic Italian places, full of curiosities and opportunities
5 romantic villages for emotions between poetry, dream and reality
5 romantic villages, Italian masterpieces rich in magic and centuries-old charm that arouse amazement and wonder. For unforgettable emotions that last over time
Recipe: Pumpkin tortelli from the village of Sabbioneta, the flavors of the autumn countryside
The recipe dates back to the Gonzaga era and celebrates the autumn meeting between the flavors of the countryside. A sweet and sour triumph, full of character and with pumpkin in the filling, perfect dish to celebrate Halloween
Recipe: Castagnaccio, the dessert of the Tuscan villages that smell of wood
It is the protagonist of autumn on the tables of the villages covered with chestnut trees, but its triumph is in Tuscany, where it is made of ancient knowledge, perfumes and ... magical powers
5 villages with ghosts and witches for Halloween
Scary villages and even movie sets, castles with ghosts, witches' sands, legends and mysterious phenomena, magic potions and poisons. For strong and... fearful emotions!
Montefalco: Sagrantino, Saint Francis and the cellars of the friars
It overlooks the Umbrian valley, designed by the vineyards where the most famous of its wines, the Sagrantino Docg, is born, among the symbols of Italian enology. A village with paths of Bacchus to be discovered, even in the cellars of the Museum of Saint Francis
Recipe: Frico, the bulwark of the villages of Carnia
A potato pie, crispy outside and creamy inside. A Friulian icon, an ancient dish that expresses simple and genuine flavors, delicious in their wise juxtaposition
Gubbio, the ancient village and the license of madmen
Alleys, squares, medieval buildings: Gubbio welcomes its ancient village of rare beauty, unchanged over the centuries. A heritage to discover and an unusual license to achieve
Recipe: The turle, the white cuisine of the village of Mendatica
A fine pasta dish, once prepared with the ingredients available in the area during the winter months. Today you can taste in every season in this village that with its "turle" puts its traditions on the table
Sicily, a journey through villages and southern icons - part 2
A mosaic of sun and gold that illuminates the villages that dot it and brushstrokes of blue sea that laps an exuberant vegetation. An unicum of art and nature, to be discovered
Recipe: Olive ascolane, picene land to taste
Crispy golden spheres that contain olives stuffed with meat and scent. An icon of the Marche gastronomy, delicacies to be enjoyed at the table or while walking, in the name of tradition applied to street food
Sicily, a journey through villages and southern icons - part 1
An itinerary in the southern part of Sicily, dotted with villages and the legacies of the civilizations that have succeeded each other. With a lot of Unesco and art brut of an enchanted castle
Recipe: Risotto with chestnuts and Raschera, the mountain cheese from Garessio
A risotto with the delicious Raschera, the Dop pasture cheese from the province of Cuneo, Slow Food presidium. Today a sensory journey and protagonist of gourmet evenings, once king of the tables of Garessio and surrounding villages
San Quirico d'Orcia, Unesco heritage in the province of Siena
A village in the heart of the Val d'Orcia. An expression of great beauty and also of the concrete sense of design, in line with the proverbial Tuscan magniloquence
Recipe: Purple stuffed artichokes from the village of Montelupone
A real treat, a gift from the generous land of this village in the Marches, a recipe that draws from tradition. The triumph of flavor in these purple artichokes, easy to cook and brightly chromatic on the table
Verucchio, all the suggestion of the Malatesta in this village that dominates the Val Marecchia
Echoes of history, leaders and intrigues of power to be discovered, for a real journey through time.
Recipe: Brodetto di Caorle, the treasures of the sea in the village of Caorle
It is so exquisite that it has received international recognition. Imaginative and fanciful, it changes its flavor according to the catch and every time it intrigues as it is at the first taste
History, art and literature intertwine at Arquà Petrarca, a village set in the Euganean Hills, among the most beautiful in Italy
Scenographic and medieval, contains in its glimpses the integrity and the suggestion of the past, also proposed with re-enactments in costume
Caponata alla siciliana, the flavors of the ancient Trinacria
It 's a regional specialty, but there are many variations, almost as many places that dot the island. A specialty that cheers the table and that as an appetizer also becomes a side dish or, together with pasta, a unique tasty and delicious dish
Montelupone, a medieval hilltop village in a historical backdrop built over time
All around, a wall enclosing a treasure chest of precious stones and the original stone paving
Recipe: Traditional Grottaglie orecchiette with turnip greens
In Grottaglie, in the province of Taranto, the orecchietta is the queen of the table, as well as in the rest of Puglia. It is appreciated in all sauces and for all tastes, but the classic recipe remains an evergreen for connoisseurs
Vernazza, an Unesco village
Colorful houses around the main square, the rocky amphitheater that encloses the marina, the two Saracen fortresses and an unusual church
Turin, magic and mysteries in black and white
Elegant, regal and mysterious. Turin is considered the most esoteric city of Italy: surrounded by mystery, it is a fascinating charade of enigmas and legends
Recipe: Fillet of mullet alla livornese
A tasty fish specialty, quick to prepare and that gives color and flavor in any season, even in summer. A tribute to the sea by Livorno, famous for its delicacies under the banner of Neptune
Acquaviva Picena: fortified walls, the fortress and the pajarole
The village of Acquaviva Picena, famous for its fortress and for the traditional pajarole, is located in the Marche region.
Recipe: strangolapreti in Trentino: the genuine taste of mountain villages
They are an unmissable pleasure for the connoisseurs of the genuine flavors of the villages, in this case of mountain and Trentino. A dish that in addition to taste also gives the unmistakable green color of the valleys and meadows of the dolomites
Castle of Torrechiara, the legend of love between the duchess and the condottiere
A castle, a brave hero and a lady: the ingredients are all there, for this legend intertwined with the story to be retraced on the rio delle Favole and in the manor, especially in the "Golden Chamber"
Recipe: Red prawns of Gallipoli on broad bean purée with onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti
Ruby color and delicate taste. They are the red prawns of Gallipoli, a delight to be served with a sprinkling of pepper on a broad bean purée in which the strong flavor of the Acquaviva delle Fonti onions triumph
Gallipoli, the 'beautiful city' of Salento
Gallipoli, a popular destination not only for its iconic beaches such as Lido Pizzo, Punta della Suina and Baia Verde but also for its ancient history and its ancient village
Recipe: Baccalà alla Vicentina
All the creativity of the Vicentini in this dish of ancient origin, supported by the authoritative "Confraternita del Bacalà". In addition to the white stone worked by Palladio, here in Vicenza white also triumphs in the kitchen
In Senigallia, from the summer of 2018, the hotel of Bo Bear welcomes with a vegetable garden by the sea. On the hills, a triumph of villages
Besides the famous Rotonda, the Roveresca fortress and the Foro Annonario, in Senigallia you can breathe the air of traditions and immersions in nature. To be discovered during a stay of sun, sea, land and the villages of the local mosaic.
Dubrovnik, stone alchemy
The three-sided sea-rock bluff welcomes the fort of Lovrijenac, a symbol of Dubrovnik's invincibility for centuries. It is the last sheltered point of the Dalmatian coast and you can breathe in the malia of the hermitages and the ferment of the emporiums
Messina Swordfish Rolls
The scent of the Sicilian sea is concentrated in this fresh, simple and tasty recipe, ideal for summer as well as in all seasons. A delicious seafood cuisine that tribute taste and gastronomic traditions of ancient Trinacria.
Hotel Villa Neri Resort & Spa, in Sicily and between myth and reality
Archaic land of great emotions, Sicily is a continuous source of wonders and surprises. Starting from villages guarding history and ancient legends, to arrive at a present that sees it also in this location
Villa La Tonnara in Porto Cesareo, Salento and villages for connoisseurs
Scent of the sea in this historic residence set in Salento, overlooking waves that look like liquid crystal. All around, the Salento and its treasures, with villages to explore and curiosities to discover
Recipe: Apple strudel from Trentino-Alto Adige
A dessert that everyone likes, with apples that lead the common thread of the top notes and melt into the voluptuous aftertaste of raisins, pine nuts and walnuts, combined with vanilla and cinnamon
Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel of Caldana, elixir of Maremma, nature and villages
A stay in contact with life and the rhythms of the countryside to savor all the seduction. The luxury in this structure is a style of life, that of allowing itself space and time to regenerate and to discover the seductive villages of the territory
Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso Spa, set in the Etra Reserve and among the Apulian seductions
The new gem of Bluserena Spa? It is located in the Stornara Biogenetic Nature Reserve: over 1,500 hectares in the Ionian coast that welcome the Ethra Reserve, an ideal starting point to discover villages suspended in time
Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, intrigue of the Argentario, villages of tufa and Etruscan curiosities
Medieval villages of the Maremma to be discovered along with equestrian exhibitions of butteri, archaeological treasures, Etruscan icons and waves of Neptune at the Argentario. The most authentic Tuscany, with its history routes steeped in saltiness
Castello di Spessa Golf & Wine Resort of Capriva, to discover the villages of Friuli
Welcome to the castle of Spessa Golf & Wine Resort in Capriva, the ideal starting point for a journey through time and in the history of the villages that dot Friuli-Venezia Giulia. An icon of hospitality under the banner of wonder and amazement
Recipe: the Cappon Magro, aromas and flavors of Liguria
From the olive groves of the west to the fishing harbors of the Levante, passing through the good tables of Genoa. All the seduction of Ligurian cuisine, which triumphs in Cappon Magro. A historical dish, the mastery of the encounter between land and sea
Summer 2018 in Val D'Ega among villages, farms, rides, legends, sleds and fairy tales
Green mats color Val d'Ega in spring and summer, which invites everyone in its amusement park marked by villages, mountains and pastures. Location for the triumph of open air adventures and with secrets and mysteries to discover.
Trains of desires towards lake and among the villages
Along the more authentic Lombardy, on historical trains, discovering the villages where curious and delicious festivals take life. On board, then! On TrenoBlu and the Trains of Taste: for great classics and unexpected surprises.
Valmalenco Caspoggio 3days: emotions among the villages
Three days in Valmalenco to discover a territory and its traditions. Villages, routes of taste and entertainment, then again farmers' markets and photographic excursions, even at night
Guercino, history and mysteries
The mysteries of the cathedral of Piacenza, medieval labyrinths and the dome frescoed by Guercino. Until July 7, 2018, with INC Hotels Group at the Grande Albergo Roma, to discover the curiosities of history
Discover the villages with
Piedmont by bicycle is one of the protagonists of the summer of 2018. To discover the villages of the Monferrato between rows, infernot and historical cellars, or the Langhe or the ancient pievi and the streets of Asti medieval pilgrims
Hilton Molino Stucky: starry lagoon
From May to September 2018 there is a real fairytale at the Aromi restaurant thanks to the show cooking by the executive chef Ivan Catenacci. Eight dinners-event with the flavors of classic cuisine, a tribute to the great chefs of the tradition
Trauttmansdorff Castle, evening picnìc by the lake
Special picnics in the green, under the starry sky and on warm summer evenings with live music. Where is it? At the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, in Merano. All around, the Alto Adige villages to be discovered
Palio di Ferrara: horses, vintage dinners and Renaissance
Ferrara returns to the Renaissance glory on May 27, 2018 to celebrate the Palio of Ferrara. An opportunity to discover palaces and relive the splendor of the court, follow exciting knightly disputes, participate in vintage dinners and events
Montelupo Fiorentino: gems of Tuscany
The Tuscany of the villages is expressed at the zenith in Montelupo Fiorentino: ceramics, typical local recipes, events and traditions to be discovered. To start the summer among the villages of the heart
La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena: welcome to the medieval village
La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena, Curio Collection by Hilton: located in a medieval village, for exclusive weekends with visits to local wine cellars, local tastings and excursions in the Sienese villages
Monte delle Vigne: aperitifs in the vineyards
Wines that know the territory, to be tasted at sunset and in the vineyard. Here the aperitifs Aperi-Street in the Vineyard, proposed by Monte delle Vigne in Ozzano Taro and in the province of Parma. For a summer full of emotions
Nove Colli, cycling among the villages in Romagna
Everything is ready for the queen of the rides, scheduled for May 20, 2018 in Cesenatico, home of Marco Pantani. And in Ricci Hotels, specialized in services for cycle tourists, you can directly buy race bibs for the race
Castello di Velona: tastings of Montalcino
Want to immerse yourself in nature with stunning views of the Brunello di Montalcino vineyards? Among the right addresses, here is the Castello di Velona, in the heart of Val D'Orcia and in Tuscany
Lana: apple orchards, orchids and villages
Discover Lana and the hamlets of Alto Adige, stroll among the apple orchards, indulge yourself with apple juice and freshly baked pastries. Authentic flavors and, all around, the scent of flowers
Palazzo di Varignana, concerts and gourmet dinners
The Varignana Music Festival awaits lovers of music and cooking at the Palace of Varignana. In Castel San Pietro Terme and in the hills of Bologna
Valtellina, among the villages in alpaca
In spring, nature awakens and calls everyone to take part, depending on their inclination. Maybe riding an alpaca, in the heart of the Valtellina, or mountain biking, for glimpses of enchanted villages
Villa Cheta: sea, barefooting and villages
In Basilicata, in addition to villages rich in history, here is the barefooting, very common in Italy. To discover the territories with all the senses on the alert, starting with the touch
Villa Dosi Delfini: walking with the marquis
Until 7 October 2018 there will be a series of guided tours in the castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli. With nobles in the guise of ciceroni, for exclusive experiences. Starting from Villa Dosi Delfini
Castello di Gropparello, court wedding
Scent of history at the castle of Gropparello on 2 and 3 June 2018, thanks to the re-enactment of the marriage between Rosania Fulgosio and Pietro da Cagnano. Knights tournaments, celebrations and living pictures for a dip in the past and in the legend
Renon plateau: apples, farmsteads and honey
The numerous gourmet appointments on the sunny Renon plateau, overlooking Bolzano, are inviting and numerous. A range of opportunities to learn about local specialties, small producers and ancient farming customs
Tenuta di Artimino, open cellars and Tuscan wines
The resort welcomes guests with its intriguing offer of "diffused hospitality", ideal for weekend getaway between wellness, good food and events
Gallo Rosso, rural triumph
A vacation to the insignia of the mountain, wellness and relaxation surrounded by the peaks and immersed in nature? Just choose one of the 1,600 farms under the aegis of Red Rooster, in Trentino - Alto Adige
Corte Pallavicina, the cooking classes are go
In the Bassa Parmense, the Antica Corte Pallavicina opens its doors to gourmet and lovers of gastronomy and its cooking courses
The historical villages and vintage cars
Discover the villages and savor slowly all the magic, in homage to the tourism slow? Yes, maybe at the edge of the vintage jewels of Slow Drive, company specialized in renting cars from myth
Spring, wellness spa
Spring, time of renewal. Where? At he Terme dell'Emilia Romagna, inlaid in landscapes rich in nature and villages: proposals for health and well-being to make the full of energy in the season more sparkling of the year
Relais Sant’Uffizio Wellness & Spa: Monferrato signature
Five centuries of history and a spa with large windows on the hills of the Monferrato: is the Relais Sant’Uffizio Wellness & Spa, for exclusive stays surrounded by a precious past and an intriguing present
MarteS, Settecento Veneziano
Inaugurated a new jewel museum is the MarteS, Art Museum Sorlini, in the hinterland of Lake Garda. A path of art articulated in over 180 paintings that reveals to the public the large canvases of the masters of the Eighteenth Century Veneto
Acquadulci, Sardinia to be discovered
From the hotel Aquadulci Chia - Cagliari - you depart for diving in the crystal clear waters aboard a schooner of wood, you surf on the waves by practicing windsurfing and explores the mediterranean maquis of the Hinterland
Stappo, Franciacorta to taste
In Franciacorta, sips of territory in charming rural contexts in which appear cellars with their productions of fine wine. To taste the 19 May and with a personal sommelier
Castellando, in a train among the villages
Travel by train in the most evocative castles of the Terme di Comano valley - Trento - among ancient farming villages, centuries-old traditions and flavors of the territory. Two scheduled dates: 28 April and 15 September 2018
Castello di Petroia: Middle Ages and flavors that are starred
The long weekend of the first of May 2018 at the Castle of Petroia - Perugia - is to be lived in the name of special events: a show with medieval dinner, a walk with food and wine stages in the estate and an exploration of the galaxy