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La Rocca Delicatessen: Coppa Piacentina DOP

Coppa Piacentina DOP - La Rocca Delicatessen
La Rocca Delicatessen

The Greatest Salami Guide by Gambero Rosso has awarded the Coppa DOP of La Rocca Delicatessen with the recognition of Excellence: the 3 slices, scored 90-95 cents, which means great tasteful and aromatic impact. It has been the only seasoned Coppa to have this recognition.

The characteristic of the Coppa of La Rocca Delicatessen is its sweetness, obtained thanks to a processing with a limited percentage of salt and to the wise use of spices that doesn't overlook the fragrance given by slow maturation.

The raw material is meat coming from the neck of mature pigs, born and grown in herds of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, with the proposed methods for the heavy padano pig.

A strict specification approved by the European Union controls and protects the production areas, the care in the welfare of animals, the choice of the pigs that must have specific characteristics, the arrangement processing of and seasoning.

The Coppa doesn't contain gluten, nor milk derivatives. All ingredients are free of allergens and doesn't come from GMOS.

Its flavor is sweet and savory, flavors of dried fruit, the aroma is spicy and intense with scents of almond.

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