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Rocchetta Sant'Antonio
Rocchetta Sant'Antonio, Foggia, Puglia
By Domenico Zagaria  (4
Shot of an abandoned house in the countryside located between the village of Mottola and Palagianello, in the province of Taranto in Puglia
Borgo Mottola, Taranto, Puglia
By Gianni Passeri  (2
Photos I took in my country while I was around at night rate shots in the old town, Stella Caracciolo Castle in Palagianello in the province of Taranto, Puglia.
Borgo Palagianello, Taranto, Puglia
By Gianni Passeri  (1
Acaya castle
Acaya , Lecce, Puglia
By Luigi Cervelli  (7
Click of a street of the historical center of the country of Carlos in the province of Taranto in Puglia
BorgoCastellaneta, Taranto, Puglia
By Gianni Passeri  (2
Ostuni, August 2018. The image was taken last August in the White City. The Apulian village is famous for its streets and stairways adorned with colorful flowers, plants and vases and always full of tourists.
Ostuni, Brindisi, Puglia
By Carola Ferrero  (8
A relaxing afternoon in Oria's old town
Visit Oria , Brindisi, Puglia
By Massimiliano Ricci  (6
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