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Villages in Campania in the province of Avellino

The village of Bisaccia, in Campania, has medieval origins.
Avellino, Campania
Cairano, in Campania, has been the scene of the neorealistic movie "La Donnaccia" of 1963.
Avellino, Campania
The village of Mercogliano is located in Campania in the historical region of Irpinia.
Avellino, Campania
The village of Monteverde is located in Campania, on the border with Basilicata.
Avellino, Campania
Rocca San Felice
the village of Rocca San Felice is located on the border between the territories of Salerno and Avellino in Campania.
Avellino, Campania
Zungoli is a typical irpinian village, whose historic center is crossed by narrow cobbled streets, which often climb along the ridge of the hill in the form of stairs of stone.
Avellino, Campania
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