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Villages in Calabria in the province of Crotone

The village of Caccuri is located in Calabria, on the Presila Crotonese.
Crotone, Calabria
The village of Cerenzia, in Calabria, situated a short distance from the ancient Acherontia.
Crotone, Calabria
Isola di Capo Rizzuto
Capo Rizzuto is located on Jonico side of Calabria.
Crotone, Calabria
The village of Melissa rises on a rocky ridge between the Ionian Sea and the eastern slope of the Sila Grande, in Calabria.
Crotone, Calabria
Santa Severina
Anciently note perhaps as Siberene, the village of Santa Severina until 1076 it belonged to the Byzantines.
Crotone, Calabria
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