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The spectacular Ndocciata of the village of Agnone
One of the oldest ritual of fire in the world that this year will attract thousands of visitors in the village of Molise, December 8 and 24
By Redazione


Borghi Photo Marathon 2018: photos and the award ceremony at the TTG in Rimini
An exciting event and photographic exhibition that not only rewards the authors but also, and especially the villages
By Redazione
Cosenza, the ancient capital of the Bruzi.
In the Calabrian hinterland there is the ancient heart of one of the main cities of the region. Historical treasures, panoramas and flavors of the past make it one of the most evocative destinations in the south.
By Luca Sartori
# autunnoneiborghi2017 - The winning photos and the interview with the winner of the Yallers contest
The third photo contest of Yallers dedicated to the villages was concluded. Here are the winners of the autumn season and the interview with the first classified
By Elena Murgia
The district of Venezia Nuova, the ancient center of Livorno
In the ancient heart of the maritime city, among canals, bridges, ancient buildings and picturesque corners. The only district in the city to have preserved the architectural heritage after the Second World War.
By Luca Sartori
The historic center of Bolzano, a delightful heart of the Alps.
In the heart of South Tyrol there is one of the most beautiful historical centers of the Alps. History, culture, traditions and much craftsmanship in the city that was an important center of merchants. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is very beautifu
By Luca Sartori
The ancient Ferrara, a jewel city in the Estensi lands.
The immense Este castle, the cathedral of San Giorgio, the many historic shops, herbalists, bookshops and delicatessens, then eel, the tasty rolled bacon and pampepato.
By Luca Sartori
Old Bari, the ancient heart of the Apulian capital
The ancient district of San Nicola, among churches, votive niches, the Byzantine cathedral of San Sabino, the Norman castle, the Basilica of San Nicola, then a taste of rice, potatoes and mussels.
By Luca Sartori
Between the walls of the ancient heart of Lucca
As a walled village in the heart of the city, among the Ducal Palace, the Duomo, the picturesque Piazza dell'Affiteatro and the Giunigi Tower, between a spelled soup and tornelli.
By Luca Sartori
Life through a camera: #viedellolio
Thanks to the collaboration with Yallers, here are the photos of the oil routes we chose and published on our magazine in November 2017
By Redazione
The San Marco sestiere, like a hamlet in the heart of Venice
The oldest and most famous of Venetian sights, between St. Marco's Square and the Grand Canal, between Rialto and the Phoenix, between bacars and restaurants, shops and vaporetti, churches, palaces and canals, bridges, calli and campielli.
By Luca Sartori
#estateneiborghi2017 - The winning photos and the interview to the winner of the Yallers contest
The second photo contest of Yallers dedicated to the villages ended. Here are the winners of the summer season and the interview to the first ranked photographer
By Elena Murgia
#lucideiborghi, the second photo contest organized by Yallers and Borghi Magazine about lighting in the villages
After the success of #videllolio, this second contest will see the villages under a new light
By Redazione
The winning photos and the interview to the winner of Yallers' #primaveraneiborghi2017
Getting ready for #estateneiborghi2017, the second contest of Yallers dedicated to Italian villages in 2017, here are the 3 winning photos of #primaveraneiborghi2017
By Elena Murgia
The partnership between Borghi Magazine and Yallers is born... and the villages are increasingly in the spotlight
Photography and social, villages and fans of Italian excellence... two entities that couldn't not meet.
By Redazione