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Albergo Ristorante Locanda dell'Orso
Corso Massimo Montano, 27 , Fontanetto Po (VC)

Travel ideas

Puglia: the village of Locorotondo, wonder of the Murgia dei Trulli, land of wine and oil.
Among the picturesque old town, the views over the expanses of olive groves and vineyards, the white wine Locorotondo DOC, extra virgin olive oil, orecchiette, tripe rolls and castrato roasted in the oven.
By Luca Sartori
Ancona: a day through sea and hills
The picturesque village of Sirolo, overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of sea of the Adriatic coast, the view over the Mount Conero, the suggestive underground Camerano and a good glass of Rosso Conero
By Luca Sartori

Traditional cooking

5 unmissable wine villages
Gavi, Castagneto Carducci, Sirolo, Venafro and Sant’Agata de Goti, extraordinary villages of wine and more.
By Luca Sartori
Recipe: Olive ascolane, picene land to taste
Crispy golden spheres that contain olives stuffed with meat and scent. An icon of the Marche gastronomy, delicacies to be enjoyed at the table or while walking, in the name of tradition applied to street food
By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Caponata alla siciliana, the flavors of the ancient Trinacria
It 's a regional specialty, but there are many variations, almost as many places that dot the island. A specialty that cheers the table and that as an appetizer also becomes a side dish or, together with pasta, a unique tasty and delicious dish
By Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Liguria: the ancient fishing village of Cervo Ligure, among oil, Taggiasca olives, Vermentino wine and fish dishes
The picturesque tangle of alleys overlooking the sea, the bright colored facades and the beautiful baroque church. Then the extra virgin olive oil, the taggiasca olives in brine, the Vermentino wine and lots of fish.
By Luca Sartori
Sardinia: the village of Alghero and its lobster, local gastronomic excellence.
The beautiful sea of little Barcelona, the alleys, the shops, the ramparts on the sea and the rich local cuisine.
By Luca Sartori
Recipe: Moneglia scabeccio appetizer
The appetizer of Moneglia is a specialty based on fish with an ancient history. Simple recipe rich in flavors, tells the scents and colors of the sea and its land of origin.
By Redazione
Emilia Romagna: Castell'Arquato and the Monterosso Val d'Arda, DOC white wine.
The typical Arquatese white wine, in the dry, amiable and spumante versions, which joins the other excellent local wines, including Gutturnio and Ortrugo. Land of wines but also of art and culture, Castell'Arquato is one of the most interesting villages of Emilia.
By Luca Sartori
Tuscany: The Vernaccia of San Gimignano, the great white wine of the heart of Siena.
The towers of the Tuscan Manhattan, among art treasures, wines and gastronomic excellence.
By Luca Sartori
Recipe: Fennel balls from Palazzolo Acreide
Here you are a typical Sicilian recipe, in which fennel is the main ingredient. You can taste it as an appetizer or as a second course. In both cases, however, you will enjoy the deliciousness of this specialty.
By Erika Anthea Stoppini


10 things to do in 10 Italian villages, great classics and unexpected surprises
Ten things to do and see in ten villages: a trip along the Peninsula to live as protagonists the most precious and authentic Italian places, full of curiosities and opportunities
By Luciana Francesca Rebonato


The village of Cocconato returns to host
The Orange Flag village of the Italian Touring Club offers a rich architectural apparatus and hilly landscapes of particular beauty.
By Luca Sartori
Cosenza, the ancient capital of the Bruzi.
In the Calabrian hinterland there is the ancient heart of one of the main cities of the region. Historical treasures, panoramas and flavors of the past make it one of the most evocative destinations in the south.
By Luca Sartori
All the villages and all the events during the Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy
On the 24th of June will be held "The Romantic Night of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy - the White Night of the Beloved." Here are all the villages where to celebrate it and, where available, initiatives and events divided by region.
By Redazione