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Sambuca di Sicilia
Many styles are interwoven and many eras Sambuca is a witness and it preserves signs.
Agrigento, Sicilia
The village of Amatrice in the province of Rieti, is located in the Gran Sasso National Park, Monti della Laga
Rieti, Lazio
In this ibleo village, Holy Week is an opportunity to meet with the Sicilian culture.
Siracusa, Sicilia
Castiglione di Sicilia
It tells that when Greeks arrived in Sicily, going up the river Akesine, were found in front of the village of castiglionesi: Castel Leone.
Catania, Sicilia
The village that grew up around the fortress was renamed Castro and subsequently Castroreale, because it was the favorite residence of King Frederick III of Aragon.
Messina, Sicilia
The village of Troy was founded to become a stronghold of the Byzantine Empire.
Foggia, Puglia
Fiumefreddo Bruzio
Fiumefreddo Bruzio is a medieval village in the province of Cosenza in Calabria.
Cosenza, Calabria
Milazzo, in Sicily, is placed between two gulfs, the Eponymous to the east and that of Patti, to the West.
Messina, Sicilia
Palazzolo Acreide
Palazzolo Acreide, in Sicily, is a village not only to visit but to live.
Siracusa, Sicilia
San Vito Chietino
the seaside village of San Vito Chietino is an appreciated seaside resort of the coast of trabocchi in Abruzzo.
Chieti, Abruzzo
The village of Brolo is situated along the Tyrrhenian coast, in Sicily, and surrounded by the mountain chain of the Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
Portopalo di Capo Passero
Portopalo di Capo Passero is the seaside village more to the south of Sicily.
Siracusa, Sicilia
San Felice Circeo
The territory of the village of San Felice Circeo develops under the promontory of Circeo, in the Agro Pontino in Lazio.
Latina, Lazio
Mazara del Vallo
the large village of Mazara del Vallo is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily.
Trapani, Sicilia
Marzamemi is a seaside village near Pachino, in Sicily
Siracusa, Sicilia
Ribera is the village where Francesco Crispi is born, in Sicily.
Agrigento, Sicilia
Santa Flavia
the village of Santa Flavia is known as a seaside resort that overlooks one of the most beautiful gulfs of Sicily.
Palermo, Sicilia
Cefalù is situated on the northern coast of Sicily, inside the Park of the Madonie.
Palermo, Sicilia
Metaponto is one of the most important bathing resorts of the ionian coast lucana.
Matera, Basilicata
From a cultural point of view Bova has remained the capital of the island Ellenofona, in Calabria.
Reggio Calabria, Calabria
Ortigia is the island that constitutes the oldest part of the city of Syracuse, Sicily.
Siracusa, Sicilia
The Arab-medieval village of Salemi is located in the Belice Valley, Sicily.
Trapani, Sicilia
The village of Sutera, in Sicily, develops around the mountain of San Paolino.
Caltanissetta, Sicilia
San Marco d'Alunzio
San Marco d'Alunzio is located in Sicily, inside the Parco dei Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
Venosa is located in the Vulture region, in Basilicata.
Potenza, Basilicata
From its sandstone cliff, Gerace enjoys an exciting panorama of the entire Locride region, in Calabria.
Reggio Calabria, Calabria
The village of Aidone is located in Sicily, in one of the districts of cultural and naturalistic most interesting of the entire region.
Enna, Sicilia
Montalbano Elicona
The village of Montalbano Elicona is located in Sicily.
Messina, Sicilia
The village of Sappada is located in Veneto, not far from the Austrian border.
Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Fortezza - Franzensfest
The village of Fortezza - Franzensfeste is located in Val d'Isarco, Trentino Alto Adige.
Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige
The village of Sortino is located in Sicily on Mounts Iblei.
Siracusa, Sicilia
Aci Trezza
The ancient fishing village of Aci Trezza is located in Sicily.
Catania, Sicilia
Alcara li Fusi
The village of Alcara li Fusi is located in Sicily within the Nebrodi Park.
Messina, Sicilia
The village of Ispica is located in Sicily in the Val di Noto.
Ragusa, Sicilia
The village of Bompietro is located in Sicily in the heart of Madonie.
Palermo, Sicilia
The seaside village of Scoglitti is located in Sicily, in the Gulf of Gela.
Ragusa, Sicilia
Vairano Patenora
The village of Vairano Patenora and its giant lupin are located in Campania.
Caserta, Campania
Polizzi Generosa
The village of Polizzi Generosa is located inside the Park of the Madonie in Sicily.
Palermo, Sicilia
Montesano sulla Marcellana
The village of Montesano sulla Marcellana is located in Campania in Vallo di Diano.
Salerno, Campania
Sant'Agata Feltria
The village of Sant'Agata Feltria, homeland of the white truffle, is located in the Marecchia Valley on the border between Marche and Romagna.
Rimini, Emilia-Romagna
Scurcola Marsicana
The village of Scurcola Marsicana is located in Abruzzo in the historic region of the Marsica.
L'Aquila, Abruzzo
The village of Bisaccia, in Campania, has medieval origins.
Avellino, Campania
Novara di Sicilia
The village of Novara di Sicilia is located on the border between the Mounts Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains.
Messina, Sicilia
The territory of the village of Cesarò, in Sicily, extends on the ridge of the Mounts Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
The village of Giarratana rises on the slopes of Mount Lauro, in Sicily.
Ragusa, Sicilia
Irsina is one of the oldest villages of Basilicata.
Matera, Basilicata
Levanzo is the smaller island of the Egadi Islands, off the coast of Trapani, in Sicily.
Trapani, Sicilia
Floresta, in the Nebrodi Mounts Park is famous for its Provola cheese, among the excellences of its traditions. With its 1275 meters s.l.m. it is the highest municipality in Sicily.
Messina, Sicilia
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