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Milazzo, in Sicily, is placed between two gulfs, the Eponymous to the east and that of Patti, to the West.
Messina, Sicilia
The village of Brolo is situated along the Tyrrhenian coast, in Sicily, and surrounded by the mountain chain of the Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
San Marco d'Alunzio
San Marco d'Alunzio is located in Sicily, inside the Parco dei Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
Alcara li Fusi
The village of Alcara li Fusi is located in Sicily within the Nebrodi Park.
Messina, Sicilia
Novara di Sicilia
The village of Novara di Sicilia is located on the border between the Mounts Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains.
Messina, Sicilia
The territory of the village of Cesarò, in Sicily, extends on the ridge of the Mounts Nebrodi.
Messina, Sicilia
Floresta, in the Nebrodi Mounts Park is famous for its Provola cheese, among the excellences of its traditions. With its 1275 meters s.l.m. it is the highest municipality in Sicily.
Messina, Sicilia
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