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Vico del Gargano
Walls encrusted with history, cross vaults, portals that defy time again and keep the secret of events that no archive has collected.
Foggia, Puglia
Bovino is situated in Puglia in the historical region of Daunia.
Foggia, Puglia
In the heart of Daunia, a linguistic island, a living and rich culture, defended by a forest where gush sources of curative mineral waters. And the scent of the ham of Faeto that strengthens the body and the spirit.
Foggia, Puglia
The historic center of the village of Specchia, in Puglia, is considered among the most beautiful of the Salento.
Lecce, Puglia
Vieste, "the Gargano Pearl", is the eastern hamlet of the namesake promontory. The particular urban relocation of Vieste is linked to the karst nature of the Gargano Promontory.
Foggia, Puglia
Between thick woods and clear springs of the Northern Dauni Mountains, stands Pietramontecorvino, in Puglia.
Foggia, Puglia
Celenza Valfortore
Celenza Valfortore is a small village of Northern Daunia, in Apulia Region.
Foggia, Puglia
The village of Troy was founded to become a stronghold of the Byzantine Empire.
Foggia, Puglia
Cassano delle Murge
Cassano delle Murge is a village lying on the slopes of the Murgia, from which overlooks the city of Bari.
Bari, Puglia
Alberona rises in the Subappennino Dauno on the slopes of monte Stylus, which dominates the Tavoliere delle Puglie.
Foggia, Puglia
the foundation of the village of Alessano, in Puglia, has its roots in the myth.
Lecce, Puglia
The village of Presicce is located in lower Salento near Capo di Leuca, in Puglia.
Lecce, Puglia
Moving from the Capitanata toward the Dauni mountains, almost at the foot of Monte Cornacchia, there is the village of Biccari, in Puglia.
Foggia, Puglia
the village of Casamassima rises to the southeast of Bari in Puglia.
Bari, Puglia
The village of Rotondella, in Basilicata, has very ancient origins.
Matera, Basilicata
Roseto Valfortore
The village of Roseto Valfortore is situated in Puglia, in the inside of the historical region of Daunia.
Foggia, Puglia
Rocchetta Sant'Antonio
In panoramic position, on a high hill on the border with Basilicata and Campania, rises Rocchetta Sant'Antonio, in Puglia.
Foggia, Puglia
Sant'Agata di Puglia
The village of Sant'Agata di Puglia is located in the historical region of Daunia.
Foggia, Puglia
the village of Martano is situated in Puglia within the region ellenofona called Grecia Salentina.
Lecce, Puglia
The village of Grottaglie, in Puglia, is known for the production of artistic ceramics.
Taranto, Puglia
San Marco la Catola
Il Borgo di San Marco la Catola is situated in Puglia, in the historical region of Daunia.
Foggia, Puglia
The village of Tricase is situated on Cape Leuca, in Puglia.
Lecce, Puglia
Rodi Garganico
The village of Rodi Garganico is located in Puglia inside the Gargano National Park.
Foggia, Puglia
Irsina is one of the oldest villages of Basilicata.
Matera, Basilicata
Galatina is situated in Puglia, in the historical region of Salento.
Lecce, Puglia
The village of Candela stands in the historical region of Daunia, in Puglia.
Foggia, Puglia
Otranto, on the Adriatic coast of Salento, is the village most eastern Italy.
Lecce, Puglia
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